My name is Jordon Rooney. As a digital innovator and a thought leader I couldn’t stand watching people struggle and having no control over the situation. So I decided to be an active participant in change and that’s been my mindset ever since. I believe I’ve grown more than anyone over the past 2 years. I went from relatively unknown with no real connections to a 6 figure personal brand.

Coming from a small town I had to overcome obstacles and distractions that instilled self doubt and fear. I knew there was more to learn and more to do. So After college I traveled to Europe to play professional football and travel the world. While being away from home and my normal surroundings I became self aware.

I realized that I wanted freedom and the ability to do whatever I wanted. I was going to build something bigger so I started to take my own path and create my own opportunities. Digital marketing gave me that freedom and is also where I could make the biggest impact to bridge the gap between the young and older generations and how they interact.

I started off speaking in schools because I felt more needed done to help kids. I went to 180 schools in 18 states and encouraged the youth to grow, to lead, and to create change by using social media as their tool. I eventually started getting asked by colleges and businesses for speaking appearances. I wanted to conquer social media so I started developing content and built a platform that grew to 140k followers with 20 million video views. 

Then I created a program called VlogU, which is fully funded and gives kids real opportunities by teaching them in a way that is appealing and relatable. Now I consult with several different brands to generate engagement as a leading expert in scaling social impact in the digital age.

So, what’s next? I think of the phrase “They don’t care about the message unless you’re in a place they want to be”. I focused on building a personal brand that people would look up to. I went from begging for opportunities to waking up to multiple emails asking me to speak and consult.  Now, I want to teach others how to do the same. How they can work from anywhere, never change who they are, and live the life they dreamed of no matter where they started from.

I want to help and not be critical of the stubborn or those that have been counted out and given up on. You must be willing to invest in yourself. I did it, so let me teach you. I’m going to open eyes and rejuvenate lives.

Shoot me a dm or a comment on one of my posts to get in touch and if you would like to connect, @nfbdmovement on instagram.

Don’t wait,

Jordon Rooney

Digital Innovator