The FIRST Social Media Marketing Agency run by highschool students

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Intro: Need a hook. FOr the past 6 months, NFBD’s staff has been creating a curriculum, recruiting students, and working with partner organizations to ensure that the first full summer program of Vlog University would be a huge success. For the past 4? weeks, students have been (something broad about VlogU)

As with any first day of school or a job, the students were nervous and shy. However, When i told them “their "job would consist of being on social media all day” their heads lifted up and they instantly wanted to learn more. Even though their job would involve something that they like doing, this program wasn’t going to be easy. They have been challenged since then. The goal of VLogU has and will always be to accelerate the students mindsets and skill sets to become independent thinkers and advanced communicators. They would also have the skills to go out and obtain a career in digital marketing right away.

I’ve always had big ambitions with this program to be a win for everyone involved. By partnering with One northside, we are able to accomplish just that. Nonprofits are now more than ever seeing the need to digitize their impact and amplify their messaging through social media. However, their social media pages are managed by program managers and case managers who still are able to do a great job while focusing on all of the other tasks of their job. A consistent marketing presence is important, though. That’s why those who constantly have a phone in their hand scrolling the newsfeeds are the perfect addition to ramp up marketing efforts.

VlogU is partnering with One Northside to provide social media content for websites and social media pages. We are also providing content for learn & earn. This means 6 groups of students have created their own agencies. They have names, mission statements and logos. They created pitch decks and held brand discovery meetings for their clients. now the next few weeks will be spent creating the content and then one final presentation to showcase all of their work.

Nonprofits receive marketing + Students are provided with real world career experience = Everybody wins.

The students also were gifted their cameras to start building their own social media pages. VLogU places a large focus on digitizing youth voice by teaching the students to build their own online movements and have solution based conversations online.

Thank you to the Buhl Foundation, Hillman Foundation, and Grable foundations for making all of this possible. I will be sending out an invite this week for our presentation day on August 1st 12 PM at Colab18.


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CEO/Founder of NFBD and Vlog University, Jordon Rooney, surprised the students with new cameras so that they could document and create engaging photos and videos to build their personal brands. After Jordon posted this picture on LinkedIn it was trending under “#nonprofit” due to the amount of engagement and attention that the post received on that social platform.


youth impact in the digital age

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