2019 Social Media Playbook for Nonprofits

Social media is confusing, constantly evolving, and takes a lot of work. It also can be intimidating to those who stay away from controversy and want to reduce risk at all costs. However, it is where everyone’s attention is. If you’re not using it or have a plan to, you may struggle to exist.

Nonprofits need social media. I cannot be told otherwise. I have had many make the argument as to why they don’t use it, but I’ve never heard a good reason why they shouldn’t. This is how people communicate. It’s where they receive their information. This is how society works now. If you have a mission or a message, you want more people to know about it.

It took me years to build up my social media presence of over 140,000 followers and over 20 million video views. It’s one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. I was able to have an impact concerning all the issues i care about to millions of people.

It took awhile to figure out though. I was able to learn a lot along the way. However, most of you don’t need to go through the trial and error or spend hours learning how to use it. I created a playbook for you!

If you want your nonprofit to be successful on social media, download my 2019 Social Media Playbook for Nonprofits.

If it helps you, all I ask is that you follow me on Instagram and reach out to let me know. Send me an email if you have more questions: Jordon@NFBD.org

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Jordon Rooney