NFBD receives $75K Grant from Staunton Farm Foundation

Never Fear Being Different, a non-profit based out of Pittsburgh has grown rapidly over the past 3 years. Over this period of time NFBD has received funding from many different foundations for a multitude of causes. The most noticeable of them yet is the Staunton Farm Foundation Grant of $75,000. With their assistance, NFBD will be creating a 10-part video series that will feature personal discussions from CEO, Jordon Rooney and celebrity guests for each individual episode. The videos will be based on mental health and the stigma that surrounds it.


The Staunton Farm Foundation and NFBD are working together to boost positive messaging regarding mental health and the stigma that surrounds it.

The driving point behind this video series is to amplify the mental health messaging of this day and age - the digital age. Both Staunton Farm and NFBD see the impact that this opportunity presents. NFBD wants to use this platform to help people realize they are not alone.

NFBD is always utilizing new ways to influence others. With the chance to work with a great organization like Staunton Farm  on such a strong message they want to change the way positive messaging is perceived and encourage others to have the tough conversations.  Altering how this environment is identified will hopefully call others to speak up as well.

Jordon Rooney and NFBD have already been involved in some remarkable ventures. NFBD has been revolutionizing the city of Pittsburgh. From demystifying The Andy Warhol Museum to working with One America Works to rebrand the way people look at the city of Pittsburgh. Jordon Rooney is also working with Pittsburgh’s Innovation District on their communications, marketing, and content.

NFBD also runs Vlog University, which operates as a social media marketing agency that is run by high school students. At VlogU students are given real jobs working on marketing campaigns while learning how to build their own personal brands. NFBD just recently received full funding for VlogU. NFBD has additional projects they're working on as they continue to scale the city of Pittsburgh. Never Fear Being Different is showing no signs of letting up.

For other inquiries reach out to Jordon Rooney, CEO and founder of NFBD -

The Staunton Farm Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of those who live with mental illness and substance use disorders. As a grantee, we consider you a partner in raising public awareness about important behavioral health policies. Consider this toolkit your guide to sharing information about behavioral health and the Staunton Farm Foundation in a quick and efficient manner. if you have any questions, we can always be reached at