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With a non-traditional way of teaching and learning relevant and useful information, Vlog University is making a difference to the Northside. VlogU; a Social Media Marketing Agency run by high school students, is teaching the youth of the Northside the importance of digital information literacy, career development, and effective online leadership. Rather than limiting the creativity of the Northside’s youth, VlogU pushes kids to express their real personality. With the youth of today growing up with social media -- VlogU’s mission is to teach them how to leverage it for good. Over this 6-week accelerated program, each student engaged in activities that taught them how social media algorithms work. They also learned the importance of identifying fake news and forming and inspiring an online tribe which will prepare each student for a potential career in social media. While learning these components of social media, the students were broken up into agencies. Each agency was given the task of optimizing the relevancy of a specific Northside non-profit organization. After completing their client’s brand audits, each agency met with their clients and proposed their various online services with confidence. Today, non-profit organizations tend to have boring online presences, so each agency offered to optimize their social media platforms towards what is currently trending. They also created high-quality, thoughtful promo videos that impressed each of their clients. Over these 6-weeks, each agency was able to make their client’s online presence more prevalent with the tools they gained from Vlog University.


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